World Series Game 7 Set for Historic Finish

Tonight, it all comes down to one more game. There’s nothing in sports quite like a win-or-go-home game, but there’s something extra special about the seventh game of the World Series. We don’t get to see them too often – tonight will mark just the seventh Game 7 in the last 29 World Series matchups – and there’s something to be said about the uniquely long length of the baseball season coming down to one single game.

Throw in the historic significance of the Cubs and Indians currently having the longest championship droughts in baseball, and tonight’s game is truly one for the ages. We can only hope that whoever wins, it is a thrilling, well played game that can become engrained as an integral piece of baseball history. The World Series has produced many of the sport’s most iconic images – Babe Ruth’s called shot, Don Larsen’s perfect game, series-ending home runs by Bill Mazeroski and Joe Carter, the incredible comeback by the 1986 Mets – that maybe we can witness one of these kinds of moments tonight.

So whether you’re a lifelong baseball fan, just a casual fan, or even any kind of sports fan in general, take a moment to acknowledge how special tonight will be. It’s the type of moment sports were created for. And for one fan base, the result will be something they’ve waited their whole lives to see.


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